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Digital Marketer

A digital marketer is responsible for developing, implementing and managing marketing campaigns that promote a company and its products and/or services. He or she plays a major role in enhancing brand awareness within the digital space as well as driving website traffic and acquiring leads/customers.

Web Designer

A web designer is someone who is both creative and technically inclined, and uses both these attributes to build or redesign websites. The web designer has the ability to understand what is needed to make a website functional and easy to use, but at the same time make it aesthetically appealing to the user.

Server Administration

A server administrator also called system administrator function along computer networks and certifies that they are being executed effectively by monitoring software updates, creating and putting into effect the new system structures, observing server movements, and inspecting server safety.

PHP Developer

For running a successful online business is essential and with a variety of technologies prevailing in the market for web development, PHP is deemed to be a foremost and a highly acknowledged website development technology. PHP web development is highly in demand and consumes less effort.

Hybrid App Developer

Hybrid apps are the future of mobile applications with all the native app functionality yet simple and cost-effective as web apps. When you become a skilled hybrid app developer, you will be able to utilize different programming languages such as HTML & JavaScript to target various mobile platforms from a single code, rather than writing native codes like Objective-C, Swift, Java, and C# for every platform individually.

Dot Net Developer

Dot Net development framework is a perfect and true solution as it builds flexible business applications within the limited time and budget. It provides real benefits in business app development in varied fields from complex web apps to developing simple websites. In fact, the .NET design carries out a dependable, scalable and consistent ambience for creating powerful web apps.

Java Developer

With the enhancing prominence of web-powered and mobile related applications, Java today is the groundwork for most networked applications. Java has attained enormous fame since it first appeared. Its rapid rise and wide acceptance can be traced to its design and programming characteristics, predominantly in its promise that you can write a program once, and run it wherever.

iOS Developer

In the modern world of flourishing technology, having an iOS app is must for a mounting company. Smartphones are the utmost used devices for personal and professional use. iOS users are usually happy operators, authorizing it to be the first choice for a business app. With its flawless hardware, outstanding customer support and immaculate software, apple has created a superior brand in consumer electronics.

QA Tester

QA is the systematic and curated set of actions that promises that the products and the process conform to standards, necessities, and events. Processes encircle entire activities comprised in designing, generating, refining and handling the software. QA is assumed to be the process that serves the management self-assurance about their product.

Machine learning

ML is all about comprehending mostly hidden, data and statistics and then mining evocative insights from the raw dataset. ML algorithms driven by new computing technologies can aid enhance business scalability and advance business operations. Machine learning offers a lot of personalization to the customers and assists to target the company's efforts.

Game development

Game developers, more specifically known as video game developers or video game designers, are software developers and engineers who create video games. Game developers may be involved in various aspects of a game's creation from concept and story writing to the coding and programming.

Android Developer

Android is a Linux powered operating system it is developed mainly for touchscreen mobile devices such as smartphones and tablet computers. Prolific in its demand, Android is a software bunch comprising middleware and key applications which entice the dependability of the masses.

Full Stack Web Developers

Full-stack developers are professionals in both the front-end and back-end; so, the full stack of technology that makes up a website. They are capable in both front-end and back-end languages and frameworks, along with server, network and hosting ambience. To get to this breadth and depth of knowledge, most full-stack developers will have spent many years practicing in a variety of different roles. They also tend to be experienced in both business logic and user experience, stating that they are not only well-equipped to get hands on, but can also guide and consult on strategy too.

Full Stack Native Mobile Developers

If today back-end, front-end, and full-stack developers are only successful because of the native mobile app developers (iOS and Android). They create, develop, test, deploy, assist and evolve software. Monitor individual priorities, deadlines, and deliverables. Implementing various techniques and tools for delivering strategic technical solutions to match business necessities and product lifecycle deliverables.

Why Seasia Finishing School?

We offer exactly what you need to excel in your career.


Seasia Infotech: A Noble Establishment

We started from a single room and now employing over 500+ employees. As a CMMI Level 5 company, Seasia Infotech have clients from over 24 countries. For over two decades, we served our clients on over 2,500+ projects ranging from SAAS (Software as a Service) to Digital Operations.

Our expertise is recognized by numerous certifications such as ISO: 27001/SAS70/SSAE16 and recognized as Microsoft certified and official Google Partner.


Seasia Finishing School: The Concept

The idea of Seasia Finishing School was to start an initiative where college grads get chance to explore the IT industry and enhance their skills to have a successful career in the IT industry. We have Industry experts as trainers who will guide students according to the latest technology trends and practices.

With our unique approach of mock employment, we aim to help the student to get fit in the toughest of corporate culture.

Seasia Finishing School is the missing secret
to the best of your career.


On the path to training with Seasia Finishing School, one will learn to not just restrain to knowledge and training provided but primarily will focus on getting familiar with employment and the missing knowledge to deal with clients and real time employment challenges that will further suppress any issues faced by candidates to become the best employee.

Furthermore, we encourage the ability to perform the smart work by developing the skills, which help you work in the most efficient way and to perform tasks that will save time and increase productivity and to lead a good professional life with optimum career growth.

This way one will be appreciated for their work and not just time spent in office.

Our Aim is to Make Lives Overall More Qualitative

we envision a world where anyone, anywhere can
tranform their lives by accessing

the world's best learning experience

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C-136, Industrial Area, Phase 8, Mohali, Punjab, 160071, India

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